Merry belated Christmas, everyone! I am writing this post from a cozy place on my in-law’s sofa with a belly full of Southern-style¬†Cracker Barrel breakfast and sitting beside my husband. It’s wonderful! Between my plate full of work projects and David’s busy school schedule, we’ve been hustling quite a lot for the past several months. Last week we travelled with the TCU Marching Band to San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl. It was a whirl wind of a trip but we had a fantastic time!! (take a look my Instagram photos to see more of our trip). A few days later we hit the road for Tennessee!

Taking some time to slow down and relax has been… weird! It’s been so long since we sat on the couch and did nothing.¬†We’re thoroughly enjoying our time with friends and family in Tennessee and feel so grateful to have such wonderful people to visit back home!

Today’s photo was taken at Sea World while on our trip to San Diego, which was a fascinating experience for both David and I and an interesting reminder that Christmas looks different all over the world. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year friends!

See you in the New Year!!



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