Simply put, today’s post is very special to me. My grandmother, Ada Smith, mother ofย myย mother Jessee andย known by her grandchildren as “Day-Day”, has been a precious and profound role model for me all my life! She is gracious, kind, elegant, and humble. When I asked her if I could photograph her apartment, a place in which I have many fond memories, she was hesitant at first because she didn’t think the place was interesting enough… can you imagine?! You’ll see differently from the photographs below.

Besides the old-fashioned grace that she has taught me by example, my grandmother has shared quite a lot with me over the years about the art of “home dressing”. With the passing of each season, my grandmother redecorates her dining room table with fresh sprigs of summer flowers, Christmas ornaments, or bright Autumn leaves. The living room cocktail table always dons something festive like delicious holiday chocolates. Fabric Christmas carolers make a yearly appearance in the main room and greenery is draped on hallway mirrors and buffets. I could go on and on and on – the stories and memories are endless! Hopefully you will catch a glimpse of the charm and hospitality that is my grandmother’s home by listening to the short conversation we had during my visit back to Nashville for Christmas. Her lilting Southern drawl in the sweet tones of Northern Mississippi and Middle Tennessee seem more poetic than conversational. And that’s Day-Day… 100%!

Follow the link below to hear the whole thing:


Thank you, Day-Day, for letting me photograph and share your home with everyone here! Turns out it’s a bit more interesting than you thought! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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