If you are reading this blog, chances are you have an admiration for beautiful things in the form of published media. For years, traditional printed magazines have been the primary resource for this type of content. As a young girl, I can remember searching far and wide for my favorite publications and since then, I’ve accumulated quite a reference library! For designers or those in certain creative fields, magazines can be a wonderful source of project inspiration. However, the tides have been quickly shifting over the past few years with the introduction and growing popularity of blogs and digital media. Now online publications are a significant resource for those of us with our eyes always open for the next stunning space or breath-taking editorial.

The future of printed media is uncertain but I sincerely hope that, whatever the outcome, it is sustainable. It goes without saying that I love both printed magazines and blogs and believe that each serve an important and specific role. While I surf the internet for a wide array of content, my physical library of publications is much more selective and has been carefully curated to contain only my most cherished issues. I think that’s one reason I love printed work so much… it is concrete and specifically defined. What I choose to purchase is always there on my bookshelf and ready to be reviewed. A disadvantage, however, to printed media is the task of marking and remembering favorite articles and images. In the age of Google search and Wikipedia, this problem seems archaic! But perhaps that’s another reason why I often prefer reading something printed versus something digital.

The internet is fast, ever-changing, and incredibly vast. A physical library is enduring, curated, and requires a moment of pause. I can’t imagine either of these things going out of vogue, can you?

On a side note, I discovered a clever and elegant way to streamline the process of marking your favorite reads. Magnetic bookmarks! This set from the Ona Collection by “Girl of All Work” is modern and playful and stands out perfectly within my stack of books (not to mention, they preserve each precious page).

How do you tab your magazines?


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