I am one of those people who is greatly affected by my environment… I mean, really affected! When my house is a mess, I don’t function well and find myself less able to work creatively and efficiently. Organization fuels my ability to work outside the box, and that’s a trait that I realize isn’t the most common among creative folks. For me, when things are out of sorts, my mind feels out of sorts and it’s all I can do to simply keep my “balance”.

This past weekend, David and I entertained guests for dinner, which forced us to do some major sprucing up around the house. It was wonderful!! My office and closet got an organizational face lift and the rest of the house never look so sharp! Since then, I’ve found myself dressing more adventurously too. I’m not sure if it can be directly related to our new tidy quarters, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Without the disturbing distraction of clutter, I have a clear mind to try different things and feel the confidence to just go for it!

How about you? I know there tend to be two camps on this issue. Do you feel fueled or disturbed by a tidy interior?

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