I want to discuss for a moment the plight of the silk scarf. First of all, what happened to it? Sometime between the bohemian styles of the seventies and the bold patterns of the eighties, they were eclipsed by a trendier set of pashmina and wool shawls. You know what piece I’m referring to… We’ve all worn them as extra layering pieces on chilly Fall days. They’re cute, convenient, and functional but lack all the elegant panache of a classic silk scarf.

Recently, my collection has been growing by leaps and bounds! I’ve discovered it’s the perfect accessory for a touch of color or pattern around the neck. Because I have short hair, I prefer to wear something at my neck or ears to fill in the space between my short locks and boney shoulders. Necklaces and earrings are fun but they get old after a while. Mixing things up with a festive scarf seems like the perfect solution!

Here are a few from my wardrobe that I’ve been donning recently:

Photos: David Walker

*I recommend visiting your local thrift or vintage store for the best selection of silk scarves.

Besides the lively colors and patterns, there are so many different styling options as well! (Remember this DIY post?) Their light weight and various shapes and sizes make it a fun piece to experiment with.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give the silk scarf a second try?


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