Friends often ask me about how and where I shop. The answer is undoubtedly vintage and thrift. So, let’s chat for a moment about second hand shopping… specifically about a guideline that I think is of the utmost importance (and far too often neglected by moi).

FIT! Yes, it’s all about the fit when shopping second hand. For many years now, I’ve milled through the clothing racks of vintage boutiques, thrift stores, and consignment shops and it’s SO easy to get caught up in the idea that each piece is unique and can’t be lived without. The “one of a kind” factor is certainly part of what makes the experience so exciting but it’s no reason to disregard the basic rules of good fit.

David recently made the leap and joined me on a few thrift store outings. We struck out several times while shopping for him and at first it was a bit discouraging. But then, after a little patience and endurance, we hit the jackpot! This stellar suit and heavy wool coat where both picked up at local thrift stores and they fit him perfectly!!

I’m as much of a culprit of poor fit shopping as anyone else. I have a basket full of clothes that I’ve gathered over the years and none of them fit me well enough to wear comfortably, which is sad because they are all unique and totally cool! (See my flawed reasoning here?) At the time I thought, “I’ll just take this in a little here” or “It won’t be difficult to hem it up a little there”. Nope! Never did it and so they sit, unloved in my closet.

So, take it from someone who has learned the lesson the hard way… Don’t settle for the almost good because you think it’s the best that’s out there. Be patient, try again, and something wonderful will eventually appear. In fact, go ahead and apply that to all other aspects of your life! Once you find the right fit, you’ll be so much happier. It’s worth the wait. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


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