I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s Day! David and I stayed in and cooked delicious dinner together. Well, he cooked… I cleaned.  (he’s much better at that than I am). Of course, along with any Valentine’s dinner comes flowers, but instead of requesting a perfectly composed bouquet from the grocer, I really wanted to arrange my own bunch. David obliged. So, I picked up a handful of pink and red anemones, green berries, and purple heather. The result was more than just a bouquet of pretty flowers, but a lovely experience and sense of accomplishment.

With the left over heather, I casually threw together a couple bunches in informal mason jars for our coffee table. It was surprising how much they brightened the room!

Humble flowers, humble containers… a small reminder that you don’t need fancy things to live a beautiful life.



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