Today’s TAKE TWO post isn’t make believe. It actually happened… to me!!

I walked into Berry Good Buys last week and beheld this dusty, aged, tattered old gem. I knew immediately where I wanted to place it in my home and made no hesitation in snatching it up. Our dining table is in a dark corner of the house and has been sitting under a large, bare wall since we first moved in. Since our gallery wallΒ is adjacent to the dining room, I knew whatever went above the table needed to be one large piece rather than multiple smaller ones. This was perfect! A good dusting and solid Febreeze coating later, my vintage textile folding screen hung beautifully above my modern Saarinen style table… just the type of eclectic mix I love!

The Asian-inspired crane pattern works beautifully with the global theme that continues to emerge throughout the rest of our home. I love the aged “patina” of the fabric as well. It carries character and history and completes the space beautifully. Now that a piece of “artwork” is hanging on the wall, I realize just how empty it was before!

So, what do you think… was it the right choice? (I have to admit. There’s not a doubt in my mind that is was!)


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