I’ve kept this project under wraps mostly because I haven’t had the extra time to mention it! But today is different because the launch is now official.

CORE Project Chicago is a movement based arts collaborative based in Murfreesboro, TN and Chicago, IL and directed by my good friend and fellow-dancer Erin Rehberg. Erin approached me early in the Fall about collaborating with the CORE team to create a new logo and brand image for the company. Always one for a new project (and especially a project for such fantastic people), I said YES!! Without giving away too many of the details, here is a snapshot of a few drafts and inspirations from throughout the process.

Working outside of interiors on a project such as this was wonderfully refreshing and inspiring! I was allowed the freedom to explore my own ideas and follow them through to fruition. I’d hate to steal Erin’s thunder so, if you’d like to see the final product of our work, take a moment to hop over to the CORE blog for the official reveal… I feel incredibly proud and honored to have been involved!

Thank you CORE!!



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