Since the last time I spoke with you, dear readers, I feel as though I’ve been on top off the world, downs in the pits, and back again. It’s been a roller coaster ride to say the least!!

I hit the road for the Texas Style Council Social Media Conference in Austin with my friend Erin on Friday morning. Despite the rain, we made it there safely and managed to dodge a few bullets along the way too. (turns out forgetting your business cards while on route to a networking conference isn’t the end of the world). Before arriving at our final destination, we took a side trip to visit the in-home studio of clothing designer Emily McNeely for her apparel brand Emily Hallman. She had a special surprise waiting for us in her studio… an exclusive preview of her as-of-then unseen Spring 2012 Collection. Talk about a thrill!! The result was pure inspiration and you’ll be hearing more about that later in the week. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into our tour…

The conference started off with a bang on Friday evening with the Swap party hosted by the gals of Imagine this… a room full of stylish ladies each bringing two wardrobe items fallen out of favor and sharing the love with a new group of friends (conference attendees) who have an appreciation for clothing of all styles. The result = a room full of happy ladies with new/ old clothes! The idea is simple… swap what don’t love for things that you do!

*photo via The Swapaholics Facebook page

The rest of the weekend was spent meeting new bloggers, gathering helpful and inspiring information for blogging, and shopping… of course! One such acquaintance was the lovely Jennifer King of the blog If I Must Say So (on the right with my travel buddy Erin below).

There were so many more fine bloggers that I can’t wait to touch base with again. My pile of business cards is brimming over!

Saturday evening was the party to beat all parties, though. Everyone dressed to impress and among a group of fashion bloggers, that means something entirely different!! I pulled out a jazzy number that had been waiting in my closet for the perfect occasion – A glamorous event populated by peers with a similar appreciation for eclectic and sometimes quirky fashion. Enter my Victorian meets 80’s glamour ruffle-necked cocktail dress. Erin was dressed in a chic tone-on-tone ensemble embellished by the most beautiful statement necklace of the evening. Everyone was swooning over it! Here we are in all our street style glory! (you should’ve seen the looks we were getting from passers-by.)

Now, I mentioned that there were some down moments over the weekend… well, after the weekend I should say. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Monday morning only to immediately fall down with the FLU! It took me down fast and I’m just now gaining my strength back. So, for those of you who have been waiting to hear the winners of last week’s Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show ticket giveaway, wait no longer! Congratulations to Janet and Lindsay!! Grab a girlfriend or an obliging boyfriend and join me over the weekend at the Grapevine Convention Center.

So….phew! How was that for an update? Thank you all for reading along! Much more coming tomorrow and Friday!!


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