While traveling down the rainy road to Austin last weekend, my travel buddy Erin and I stopped off for a quick studio tour of what is now one of my favorite local clothing designers, Emily McNeely of Emily Hallman. I have the great pleasure of sharing an exclusive preview of Emily’s stunning Spring collection before it even hits her online store pages!! So, without further ado… let’s dive in!

First the inspiration… Emily was moved by the artful brushstrokes and vibrant color palette of Monet and the Impressionist period paintings. Her mood board below showcases the thoughtful process that goes into developing a cohesive collection such as the one she has created for Spring 2012.

Almost as fascinating as the collection’s mood board were the tools that Emily uses to execute her designs! (yes, she personally sews all of her work!) As one well acquainted with t-bars and drafting pencils, these trade specific tools seemed vaguely familiar and intriguing.

If I had to sum up Emily’s designs in three simple words, I would have to choose classic, fresh, and feminine and beautifully tailored for the modern woman (okay that was more than three words… I slipped). For the sake of avoiding long-windedness, however, I’ll let her beautiful designs do the rest of the speaking…

Emily wore this sequined maxi skirt to the TxSC Saturday evening Posh Party and was nothing but elegant and sophisticated!

Before long, you’ll be able to see the entire Spring 2012 collection on her newly launched website so I recommend you leave yourself a note for two weeks from now. But for the time being, you can say you saw it first here and if you’d like to see more, visit Emily on her Facebook page too.

Thank you for the tour, Emily! We felt like two very spoiled and honored fashion loving girls!!

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