You may have noticed in yesterday’s ShoeMint introduction that I included a list of “outfit details” towards the end of the post. “What’s that?”, you ask! No worries, I’m here to explain.

If you’re a regular fashion blog reader, then skim right over this text because you totally know what I’m talking about already. In case you’re not familiar, though, the links at the end of my posts refer to the items in my outfits as available online. I’m always interested to learn where my favorite bloggers shop particularly when their wardrobe consists of especially unique and hard-to-find pieces! Many times, my ensembles consist of thrifted or vintage pieces. In this case, I’ll do my very best to locate something similar online. Funny thing is, sometimes I like the “online outfit” as much as my own!!

Here’s a look at the pieces I linked up to yesterday’s outfit post:

Groovy, right? Okay, here come the links again!

Outfit details: 1. Chambray Shirt, Topshop // 2. Polka-dot Pencil Skirt, //  3. Bright Blue Skinny Belt, ASOS // 4. Beaded Cross Body Purse, Moyna Handbags // 5. Veronique Nude Pump, gifted by ShoeMint // 6. Silver Bangle, GUESS

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