How often do you really open your eyes to the details of your surroundings? Most days, I’m very aware of what’s around me (except when the house needs cleaning and the laundry is piling up… then I’d rather ignore my environment).

Today’s photographs were taken while running around town late last week. Each scene struck me by it’s beautiful array of texture and lines as displayed by the decaying surfaces and dramatic shadows. In my amazement, I totally overlooked the fact that these buildings are probably considered anything but attractive and perhaps even eye sores for the community! Look beyond that for a moment, though… forget what you are seeing and focus on the basic elements of their composition. It’s like viewing abstract art!! When concern for the greater subject and story fades to the background and gives way to the elemental pieces, something extraordinary happens… you notice things you never have before! The strokes of color, the contrast, visual tension, and layering are what become interesting.

Give it a try… do you see what I mean?

Who wants to bet I visited The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth recently? (more on that later)

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