When was the last time you visited an art museum? Be honest… last month, last year, last century?! If you haven’t recently, I implore you, make it a priority. David and I visited The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which we are now members of, and left with a renewed enthusiasm for and understanding of life and the art that informs it.

As it turns out, we have the incredible fortune to live just minutes from a foremost museum of modern and contemporary art and an internationally renowned piece of architecture by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. As we toured the museum’s collections, the building inspired almost as much as the art!

Here’s the interesting thing about museums… there not just for artists or academics. Really, it’s true! There was certainly much of what I saw on exhibit that went above my head conceptually but the experience wasn’t lost. I encountered personal reactions to each piece that were deeply moving and rewarding. They ran the gamete from impressed to astonished, comforted to horrified, and humored to saddened.

This type of exposure is like a marathon workout for the mind and heart. Try it! It’s not scary, I promise. And we could all be in better shape, right?

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