I tout the virtues of second-hand shopping more than enough on this blog but I’m afraid you’ll have to endure my praises still.

Last week, while scouting for an exciting patio project (keep your eyes open for that one in May), I came across these mustard, camel, and navy velvet pillows. At $1 a pop, I couldn’t resist. If you remember my last collection of decorative pillows, you’ll also recall that they were an especially eclectic mix of colors and patterns. I’ve been feeling the need to streamline and simplify my decor, so starting with my hodge-podge of accessories seemed as good a place as any to begin.

Our living room serendipitously morphed into the warm, golden hues of mustard, brown, and caramel and these pillows compliment the scheme perfectly! (sidenote: i still love the way my black and white lamp shade – from above – throws everything off! too much coordination can make for a very boring space.)

I mentioned a “Quick Tip” in the post title… did I also mention it’s brilliant?! As a thrifting veteran, I’m surprised I haven’t come across this idea earlier. My new-to-thrifting mother-in-law was the one to enlighten me however.

Dryel dry-cleaning products (or any at-home dry-cleaning kits) are the perfect thing to freshen your second-hand purchases without expensive (and frequent) trips to the actual dry-cleaner. They can be purchased at most grocery or convenience stores and are reasonably priced. I strongly recommend cleaning any clothing or home goods that you bring home from the thrift store but I’m usually hesitant to machine wash. You just never know what the material will do! For especially nice pieces, I still defer to the professionals, but for everything else, a quick 15-minute run in the dryer will do the job.

My “new” pillows now have a new home and are squeaky clean to boot!

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