Perhaps contrary to my husband’s belief, I have nothing against the classic T-shirt. In fact, a silky soft white v-neck T paired with a colorful vintage skirt just happens to be my idea of the perfect summer ensemble! But comfort isn’t the only reason I enjoy dressing in the morning. I love creating outfits that are interesting, unexpected, and self-expressive. As it happens, the standard T is usually the boring accomplice of the casual jean and athletic shoe – all perfectly acceptable for work around the house or a quick trip to the grocery but not my favorite idea of the everyday look.

Divorce the typical T-shirt from the casual jean and suddenly you have a basic with loads of potential!

Take this piece that David wore the other day, for example. Instead of throwing it over his usual jeans, he chose to wear it with a nicer pair of khaki slacks, Summer-y boat shoes, a light-weight tweed blazer, and cheerful floral lapel pin – altogether creating a really unique look! The secret behind the success of this ensemble, however, is not actually the unusual hand-painted pattern of the T-shirt (which was a self-made high school talent show costume, FYI), although that’s pretty cool too. In my opinion, it’s everything else combined with it! Casual, quirky, conservative, and comfortable, all wrapped up into one ensemble.

Don’t over think this, though. Not every outfit needs to be this layered or eclectic to be unique but it is a helpful reminder that much more interesting options are easily achievable. If you’re going to wear a very basic, classic piece try mixing it with at least one other less expected item of clothing. Life is so much more fun when you start thinking outside of the T-shirt and jeans wardrobe box!

Outfit details: T-Shirt – High School DIY (similar basic HERE) / Jacket – Tweed Blazer, Old Navy (similar HERE) / Slacks – The Classic Slim Khaki, Gap / Shoes – Blue Boat Shoes, Walmart (similar HERE) / Floral Lapel Pin, EmersonMade (similar HERE) / Aviator Sunglasses, Unknown (similar HERE)

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