Today, I’d like you all to give a warm, hardy welcome to my second sponsor (you may have noticed her ad in my sidebar for the past couple weeks), The Lovely Hunter!

I met Sofia, curator and owner of the vintage shop The Lovely Hunter, while shopping The Dallas Flea with my friend Erin last Fall. Do you remember me blogging about it HERE? I was charmed and impressed by Sofia’s unique collection and reasonable prices. I picked up the loveliest Sunday dress and passementerie pin while there, which I now count among my very favorite wardrobe pieces. Then, after the show, we kept up with each other via Twitter and Instagram. (psst… she has a blog too)

Now, several months later, I am delighted to call Sofia my first vintage sponsor!! And what better way to laud the merits of her shop than with an outfit post featuring my own Lovely Hunter dress?

The fish pattern is what made me first fall in love with this piece but now that I’ve had a chance to wear it several times, the fabric quality and fit are exceptional! That makes all the difference in vintage clothing, doesn’t it?

For those of you wondering, “Where can I shop Sofia’s collection too?”, visit her online store HERE. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, though, you’re really in luck. The Dallas Flea is coming to town again tomorrow and Sofia will be setting up shop! Here are the details:

The Dallas Flea

Saturday, April 21st, 9am-4pm

1409 South Lamar St.

Sofia has also generously offered a 20% discount to anyone who mentions Hilary Inspired at the flea. (don’t be shy… speak up!) For those unable to attend The Flea, use the coupon code INSPIRED12 on any online purchase to receive 20% off your order through the end of April.

Sofia, you’re too kind. Thank you, dear, for the beautiful shop and for being here on Hilary Inspired!!

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