Patrick and Cindy are my neighbors but I had never met them until the day of this shoot. For months, I drove by their unexpectedly modern house amidst our neighborhood of eclectic – and most definitely more traditional – homes and wondered about the unique family and furnishings that must live inside. Well, I finally mustered the courage and solicited my first house feature with a simple handwritten note, carefully signed and delivered by me. To my delight, the family inside was as charming and inviting as I could have ever hoped! An added plus… their home is absolutely stunning!!

As always, if you’d liked to learn more about the people behind the space as well as all the lovely things that lie inside of it, listen to this audio recording of our conversation here > >


Eloise, Patrick and Cindy’s oldest child, graciously offered her services as my tour guide… we had a jolly time.

Oliver, Eloise’s younger brother, was happy to sit in his design-forward high chair while observing my shenanigans. He eventually joined in the fun as well. 😉

“I would love to convince people to have a 2,000 sq. ft. home and spend the extra money on quality construction and quality space…” ~ Patrick Craine

Thank you for having me over Craine family!! Your home is a beautiful example of family friendly modern design.

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