Susan Baten is a woman of more actions than words. For that reason, rather than sharing the usual audio interview, today the photos will speak for themselves.

To fully appreciate Susan and her home, you have to understand her line of work. She flips and decorates houses… really nice houses!! Think the grandchildren of Mark Kay nice! Her aesthetic is monochromatic, broad strokes of white texture, elegant, eclectic, and all self-taught. Needless to say, this isn’t the first time her stunning spaces have been featured in the press. Susan has received credit from such publications as Elle Decor and House Beautiful. One more online accolade seems more than appropriate!

Susan’s varied collection of furniture and art travel with her from home to home and find themselves in completely different arrangements with each new environment. A new space, a new purpose but always the same fresh, clean beauty.

Notice how every room reflects a slightly different tint of white, creating the subtlest change in ambience from space to space and each one specially suited to the room.

Wall art installation by Scott and Cooner, Dallas, TX.

This particular home was initially intended to be a quick turn around but Susan and her equally adventurous husband decided to stick around for a little longer than usual… to be specific, more than the typical two years. For goodness sake, who would want to leave a place like this? But that’s Susan. She’s always on the move – literally! While many of her peers may enjoy the slower lifestyle of retirement, Susan and her husband forge forward with eyes fast-set on the next project. Up next on the docket, the dream home… this time from the ground up!

Best of luck with your new house Susan! And many thanks for welcoming me into your current home.

*All photography by Hilary Walker

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