Are you ready for something special, friends? Today’s post is a little wordier than usual but it’s so important! I hope you’ll take the time to read.

The safety, comfort, and luxury of our lives is something most of us admittedly take for granted. It doesn’t require much digging to learn about places in the world where others are denied some of the most basic freedoms. But what we may not so readily realize is that sometimes those individuals manage to escape their hardships and resettle to safer places as refugees – places that could be as close as your own city or town!

I live in Fort Worth, TX in the United States and had little to no knowledge of the refugees right here in my own community. Through a sequence of fortuitous encounters, I became aware of WORN, a socially-conscious business founded by Catholic Charities Fort Worth. By taking advantage of the traditional skills of knitting and crocheting, WORN offers refugee women the means to rise above poverty and discover peace by crafting beautiful scarves and knit accessories for the WORN collection. At first, I was mostly impressed by the charming designs and lovely presentation – the stories of the women creating the pieces seemed distant and unrelatable. But then, after connecting with the WORN team, I was offered the special opportunity of visiting a few of the knitters myself!

During my visit, I learned about the tremendous obstacles a refugee faces far beyond the hardships of their previous environments. I heard about the struggle of learning a new language, finding housing, acquiring an income, adapting to the specific cultural traditions and functions of a foreign place, and becoming a part of a supportive community of peers. We’ve all dealt with similar issues, whether or not to the extremes that these women do. It’s a matter of survival, common to us all, but for a refugee the obstacles are stacked higher than normal.

In addition to the trials, however, I also learned about the importance of purpose and community, independence and confidence, a steady income and self-sufficieny. These are the things that bring the women of WORN together. It was deeply inspiring!

Chances are, you love pretty things… in fact, I would go even further to say that’s probably why you read this blog! But have you also wondered what good it does? Visit the WORN shop and you’ll see the good very clearly. Peace and hope – Fashion with a purpose!

*Stayed tuned for a very special post related to today’s feature coming soon. Can you guess what it will be?

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