Lofty post title, no? You might think that I’m about to expound on the academic reasoning of the importance of art (because i totally could!) ;-). Ha, not so!

No, today I’m just going to share a few reflections from a recent daytrip that made me ponder on the role of art in our lives.

Several weeks ago, David and I visited Gremillion & Co. Fine Art gallery in Dallas – not our usual scene and definitely not our target shopping destination, but it was none-the-less inspiring. While walking through the gallery space and listening to the stories and histories of many of the artists and works on display, I couldn’t help but think about the significance of meaningful art in our homes. You know, the kind that makes you stop and think or observe and feel.

It seems fair to say that most people adhere to the idea that art is important for society as a whole. But what about art for individuals at home? Less important? Not necessary? Why bother?

Humor me and consider the following – a favorite quote that I mentally reference quite often…

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”     ~ Pablo Picasso

And OH, the dust!! Our modern lives have a way of collecting a lot of it. So, my conclusion… art at home is incredibly important and functional! But, in my mind, there’s a clause… not just obligatory art, the kind that is only meant to fill a void on the wall. Why have art in your home if it’s not meaningful? Art with significance is so much more interesting!!

Shopping for art at galleries such as Gremillion is one way to ensure that the pieces you select are high-quality, thought-provoking, and enduring. But if that’s a tad out of your budget, don’t fret… there are actually lots of cool sources for discovering unique works of art at lower prices. Recently, I’ve been taken by the emergence of online “galleries”. If you’re looking for a wide variety of styles and price-points, here are a few websites I suggest:

Even though I’m not in the immediate market for new art, I’ve been doing some research of my own. Half the fun is learning about the art itself!


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