Texas in August can be, more than perhaps any other time of the year, summed up by the idea of extremes. Scorching heat and blaring sun contrasted against frigidly over-accommodating air-conditioning. And let’s not forget the long stretches of brittlely dry days followed by torrential rains and flooding. Light and dark, hot and cold, parched and moist, vibrant and subtle – in terms of aesthetics, contrast can be quiet beautiful! This was especially true during my visit to the Fort Worth Water Gardens earlier in the week. As David and I walked through the various garden environments, lace-y shadows and sunbursts played beautifully into our photographs.

In terms of dressing, I’ve come to discover that a long cotton dress suits most all Summer outfitting purposes. It’s comfortable, breezy, and elegant. Not to mention, casual enough for everyday wear without being slouchy or uninspired like so many other hot-weather options. David tells me the women of Seville prefer this type of clothing… I think they’re onto something!! Besides, if anyone would know about coping with blazing arid heat, wouldn’t they?

Outfit Details: Maxi dress, Forever 21 (similar) // Ankle strap sandals, Guess Shoes (similar) // “Swap is the New Shop” canvas tote, Swap.com (similar) // Amber pendant necklace, Vintage (similar) // Silver coin bracelet, Vintage (similar) // Asian paper fan, Vintage (similar)

Photos by David Walker

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