Simplicity – the kind that is easy, beautiful, comfortable, and also still inviting – is so difficult to achieve! At least, when the idea of parting with your precious, “never-can-be-replaced-again” belongings is so hard to arrive at. Sure, I’ve touted the merits of regular Spring and Fall cleaning often enough and waved the flag of clutter-killer and avid-organizer since my early years of college away from home. But the truth of the matter is, I still don’t quite have it down! (these words don’t leave this blog, mother) The stealth ways of excess scarves and flower vases reproducing in my closet and cabinets overnight¬†are utterly frustrating and often leave me wondering how I ever laid claim to managing their existence! And here’s the funny thing… the more space you have for things, miraculously, the more things you inevitably acquire! How does that happen? (maybe i know and don’t want to admit it)

But, for every down-trodden home owner or renter overwhelmed by the woes of clutter, my friend Emily stands as a steady beacon and quiet reminder of the benefits of simplicity. It’s here motto, mojo, and inner dialogue. She lives and breathes by it’s philosophy. If ever you wondered whether the benefits of holding onto everything you ever bought outweighed the rewards of clean, open spaces, think again. And purge again! In fact, never stop purging. That seems to be one very important piece of the puzzle.

I may never achieve ultimate simplicity ¬†– and I may never want to – but if I shoot for the stars maybe I’ll just land on a moon somewhere in the happy medium.

Besides being a champion simplifier, my friend Emily is also in the beginning stages of creating a Nashville-based t-shirt line intended to benefit organizations that rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. It’s an exciting project that I can’t wait to share more about! Keep your eyes on this blog space to get the scoop as things develop.

Because of the impromptu nature of our photo shoot, I didn’t take an audio recording of my conversation with Emily, as I usually do with other features. But in sync with the theme of this post, let’s not over-complicate things… simple does it, right?

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