Last week, I reinstated a plan for managing that nasty little thing called clutter… One piece in, one piece out. It’s a simple system.

In the past, I’ve kept this up by donating old and worn items to local thrift stores. But then it occurred to me that some of my “trash” might be just the type of “treasure” that would appeal to my readers. Often, the things I discard from my home or closet have either lost interest to me or were eventually parted with because of ill-fit… Very rarely is it due to quality.

So, after a bit of research and an impromptu photoshoot, the HILARY INSPIRED STOREFRONT came to be! I’d love to invite you over for a peak. You’ll find that my inventory is limited at the moment but, while I plan on being very selective with what I choose to sell, you can definitely expect to see more pieces in the near future. This is the perfect excuse for me to rotate out a few well-loved pieces for fresh and exciting alternatives!

Here’s an example of a leopard print silk blouse from Zara that I enjoyed wearing on many occasions. But now, it’s served it’s time and is ready to move on… maybe into your closet?

Shop with me HERE!!

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