Traveling home is wonderful. I grab coffee with old friends, enjoy tea and cookies with my grandmother, discover new shows on Netflix with my family, and surprise numerous others with my unannounced arrival. It’s a good time!

Now that I’ve been away from Nashville for just over two years, I’m starting to realize that another cool thing about visiting “home” is discovering places that are totally new to me… shops and restaurants recently emerged, destinations that I never came across or didn’t have time to learn about before. Wouldn’t you know, some of these places were sitting right under my nose all the time!

Manuel Zeitlin Architects and Zeitgeist Art are two such places that have been on the Nashville scene for years but somehow never came across my radar. They have the greatest concept… Art and architecture living under one roof. One half of the space operates under the guidance of Manuel Zeitlin as an architectural firm and the other half, originally conceived of by Manuel’s wife Janice Zeitlin, functions as a contemporary art gallery – both in the heart of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Nashville, Hillsboro Village.

Rows of carefully chosen artwork line the walls of the front entry and main room and a variety of sculptural pieces beautifully coexist beside project notebooks and site models. The work room is flooded with natural light from cleverly positioned skylights, a definite plus for any work environment, and the buzz of tube televisions from a current exhibit exploring movement and space filters in from the front gallery. (as if there weren’t enough reasons for me to think this is the coolest place to work)

I can thank my Uncle Shelby, who offered to take me on an impromptu tour of up-and-coming Nashville districts, for introducing me to Manuel and Janice’s work during my last trip home. Their model struck me as a brilliantly symbiotic relationship (both business and otherwise) between art and design. If you’re in Nashville… go take a look!


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