Two paintings… one of a professional, another by a child… both artists.

When I visited California last month to attend my grandfather’s funeral, I came home with something very special – a beautiful Autumn scene oil painting by my father from years ago (not exactly sure when but almost positively from before my time). I’ve been holding onto it until the perfect resting place revealed itself to me. That happened yesterday.

I found it’s match waiting unassumingly¬†on our refrigerator door. My precious landscape paired with an equally precious abstract – specifically, my nephew Jeremiah’s scribblings – it was perfect.¬†I picked up an inexpensive frame at Ikea and, after a few approximate measurements, penciled marks, and light hammer taps, my art installation was complete. Simple as that.

Now, I have a remnant from the past and article of the present living side by side in a corner of my living. Traditional and contemporary. Literal and abstract. High and low. Young and old. Formal and informal. I love the juxtaposition.

What do you think of my impromptu curation? Would you do the same in your home?

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