Yesterday, I made a visit to Michelle Nussbaumer’s¬†Ceylon et Cie¬†showroom in Dallas (remember this post about her son?) while assisting my friend Abbe of Studio Ten 25 with a few design projects. I’ve always been a huge fan of Michelle’s culturally curated aesthetic. She has a very distinct eye for bringing together the old and new, exotic and familiar. Walking through the various nooks and crannies of her showroom is like walking through the chapters of a lesson book on styling and composition. Each vignette is beautifully considered and executed based on a unique concept or color scheme. I couldn’t help but notice how perfect this imperfect arrangement of landscape and floral paintings was. The entire thing looked as though it had stepped out of a personal collection from some history rich home. Not your typical retail display.

And that’s just one reason why I love Ceylon et Cie’s merchandising… it’s so easy to forget you’re in a shop!

As I turned another corner, I came this another gorgeous wall display below!! Quite the opposite of the first vignette… high contrast, high gloss, amped-up colors, and exaggerated figures… basically, traditional concepts turned on their head! I actually really love the idea of taking a traditional piece of art and stretching it’s proportions to fit an entire wall. The first time I came across this on Pinterest, I knew it was an idea worth holding onto. Perhaps I’d even recreate the look in my own home (i know… you didn’t think i was that crazy, did you?).

The effect is fresh, unexpected, and exciting with just enough of a hint of familiarity.

But, what do you think… is this wall treatment idea crazy or brilliant? In fact, would you try either look in your home and, if so, which one? I’m curious.

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