My mind is rarely quiet. It’s constantly buzzing with the activity of upcoming tasks, growing to-do lists, beeping texts, junk emails, flooded calendars, nagging invoices, big projects, and so on and so forth until what seems like the end of time. As it turns out, my work is a huge distraction in my life! (ha!!) I’ll freely admit that all the time I spend on the internet probably doesn’t help my situation either. When I think about it, my online competency has probably given me a false sense of multi-tasking efficiency, which only makes matters worse. In fact, even now as I write this post, I’m jetting around from window to window and tab to tab, trying desperately to avoid even a momentary pause in my “productivity”. I can’t help it… I’m getting lots of important things done, you know! Well, sort of.

The funny thing about moving too fast is you lose the opportunity to have quiet, focused moments. And the funny thing about quiet, focused moments is they produce some of the best ideas and most productive thoughts!! I’m going to be honest… my best creative ideas and eureka moments don’t come to me while gazing at my perfectly curated inspiration board with creamy coffee in hand nor while jetting around the internet scouting for the next best pin on Pinterest. Nope, my best ideas usually come to me when I block all that out in a super hot afternoon shower or while I’m “mindlessly” making my Fort Worth/Dallas commute in near silence. It’s the best.

But, what do those two scenarios have in common, you ask? Simple. No distractions. I’m forced to focus on a single and uncomplicated task, leaving all of the distractions of work and life behind. Ahhh…. nice. Peace and quiet.

Okay, I have to jet into this charming moment to make a quick note, though. Despite my down-on-tech attitude from the paragraph above, don’t get me wrong… I do think that it offers some great advantages. For instance, as soon as I get out of that steaming hot shower or pull up to a red light on my nearly silent commute, I typical jot down or type in a few notes about my thoughts. Sometimes, I even leave voice memos for myself, outlining the details of my revelation! Writing down my ideas seems to be just as important as conceiving of them in my short-attention span situation.

Alright, back to that serene moment from earlier… peace, quiet, focus, no distractions. Pretty flowers. Are you there yet?

How do you find time to escape from the rat-race and have some creative thoughts?

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