Happy Labor Day to all my readers in the States! Isn’t this nice… an extra day all to ourselves. So far, I’ve spent time with family, consumed a few ice-cold beverages, caught up on some overdue work (not too much though), and today I plan on keeping it low-key with my puppy and my honey. How about you?

Today’s Color Study post (you didn’t think i was going to take the day off, did you?) is one of my favorites. I love the layers of yellow, orange, and cranberry in these wilted garden roses. I picked them up at Central Market but didn’t think much about their color until after they faded. That’s when their variety really came to life! Much like the end of Summer, actually… it’s cheerful and energetic but we take it for granted. Then the end of the season arrives and suddenly everything is intensified! The heat, the humidity, and the colors.

Enjoy the last of it… Fall will be poking it’s nose around the corner before we know it!


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