This Summer I successfully potted and nurtured three green growths on my front porch… basil, rosemary, and THIS guy (not sure of his exact variety… anyone know?). I watered them daily and protected their delicate leaves against harsh sun rays and pesky bugs. You would’ve been proud of me, truly! And everything was going so well… until about mid-August.

It was just about that time that I visited friend and PULP Design Studios principal, Carolina, in her warehouse style loft apartment. Behold, a real plant pro!! It became all too clear in those moments casually chatting on her sofa that my gardening attempts were merely child’s play… amateur dabbling. Strong, healthy plant shoots seemed to peek out of every corner of Carolina’s place, taunting me behind their backs, I’m sure.

I mean, look at this… gorgeous, right?! And these were only a few of many more. The large skylight in the center of their main living area couldn’t have hurt matters.

Meanwhile, back on my front porch, the rosemary crisped to dry brittle during a trip out of town, the mystery plant suddenly corroded from the leaves inward (fungus in the soil perhaps?), and the basil is the only thing left standing. Thank goodness it’s hardy! My green thumb pride would’ve suffered a real walloping had it not survived.

On my way out, I asked Carolina for a few tips on maintaining healthy plants. She claimed she didn’t know and was only an amateur. Pfff… no way. You tell me who’s the amateur!


P.S. I’ll get those tips from Carolina eventually… stay tuned to this blog, and you’ll get them too.

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