Early September brings with it an undeniable excitement. It’s innate and inevitable. Although rooted in a back-to-school mentality, there’s plenty more to get excited about around this time of year. Cooler weather, wardrobe changes, football (did i say that?!!) And, of course, fashion week!! The New York shows begin today. For anyone mildly interested, the frenzy that is fashion month is now available at their fingertips online. I imagine this industry event was a much more exclusive affair before the days of Vogue.comStyle.com and endless fashion blogs. But times have changed, my friends, and Fashion Week is here for the masses.

Take this scenario, for example… here I sit at my computer in probably the least fashion-forward outfit I can think of  (jeans, tank, sweater, flats) quietly sipping on a cup of hot tea and preparing for my day of work, far away from the hustle of New York. But off to the side of my computer desktop in a handful of browser tabs are websites covering fashion week head-to-toe. I could browse for days! Live streams, exclusive interviews, collection recaps, behind-the-scenes access. It’s kind of incredible when you stop and think about it!! (or madness. not sure which.)

But I’m not a fashion insider. I’m not an editor, stylist, designer, brand representative, or photographer. I just love beautiful clothes and unique ideas. While I dream of one day visiting the fashion tents, keeping up from a distance is an adventure in and of itself.

So, in honor of these seasonal festivities, I’ve decided to focus my blogging for the tenure of New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 on… you got it, fashion!! To kick things off, here’s a mini-series that I’ll be calling Fashion Moment, quick notes on clothing and dressing. First up, a wardrobe staple that is perhaps my most valuable transition piece in Spring and Fall… the jean jacket. It’s cool, casual, perfectly distressed, and imperfectly worn. I like to pop the collar just a hair to give it that extra bit of edge. (i’m so naturally edgy, you know). Thrown over a Summer dress or colorful shorts, this classic piece is perfect for taking warm-weather clothing into cooler seasons. It’s had it’s moment in nearly every decade of the past century and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon!

My denim (shown above) is by Abercrombie & Fitch and one that I thrifted last year. You’ll find great denim jackets all over the place including second-hand shops! But while you’re sitting here at your computer, check out the pieces I found online. After all, everyone knows you don’t have to leave your desk chair to find fashion!!



P.S. Just kidding… fashion’s also fun in person. Please leave your desk chair eventually!

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