Here’s the thing about fashion in September. It’s all the rage! The shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan create a ripple effect of frenzy in just about every fashion-loving young ladies mind. And as I mentioned yesterday, you don’t actually have to be in those big cities to experience the thrill. I got my September issue of Vogue in the mail last week. It’s a whopping 1 1/4 inches thick!! Honestly, I don’t even know how many pages it has because I have yet to unwrap it from it’s plastic packaging. That’s how overwhelmed I was by it. Some of my favorite daily blog reads have been covering fashion events (here and here). I received my copy of Scott Schumann’s much anticipated book release, “Closer“, at the beginning of the week. And, of course, all the stores (read, my local target, which is about the only store i’ve been visiting lately… for the groceries!) are bringing in their fall clothing. You see what I mean?… I couldn’t avoid Fall fashion if I wanted to!

My hope for this weekend was that I’d have little else to do other than catching up on my September fashion reading . (there’s really no rush. fall weather doesn’t actually kick in until at least┬ánovember here in texas!). But, in actuality, I have several other things on my plate this weekend, including a very exciting high school football game featuring a very promising high school band and lead by a super handsome, blue-eyed band director. (good luck, babe!) But, in between the band performances and to-do list bullet points, I’ll likely be sitting on my sofa or cozied in my bed with my nose buried in one of two publications. (you know which ones)

Happy fashion frenzy month!!


P.S. Here’s a sneak peek inside the covers of Scott’s new book. These are the first pages I opened to… you can imagine my anticipation for the rest of the book!

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