Regardless of your interest in fashion, you probably own a pair of these… sunglasses. Besides shielding your eyes from the harsh sun rays (important), they’ve also been known to assist in the avoidance of awkward eye contact (less important yet none the less valuable, mind you).

But the “youngest child” of accessories is also one of the most telling pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Here’s why.

It can be an inexpensive purchase, which means you don’t have to have loads of money to make a fashionable choice. The options are endless, so you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy. And it’s small size gives a sense of security which makes it just that much easier to express your underlying fashion allegiances. Oh yeah, and you wear it on your face, so people are sure to take notice! All this together equals a clothing accessory that tells more about your true fashion sensibilities than you realized!!

My glasses, you ask? Well, I like vintage shapes, elegant details, and a good bold accent. Hence the traditional frame, soft lens color, and tortoise shell inspired handles. I grabbed these charmers at Target and have ruthlessly slung them around with me everywhere I’ve gone. Over my eyes, up on my head, thrown in my purse, tossed on my desk, dropped in my car. If you can’t use them, you can’t keep them, in my opinion.

So, what do your sunglasses say about you?

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