Is it obvious yet? I’m SO ready for Fall to be here!! With all it’s seasonal cliches (crisp mornings, golden leaves, bonfires, school books, leather boots, plaid shirts, scarves, and pumpkin roasting… to name a few), it’s perhaps my favorite time of the year. Spring is fresh and happy. Summer is hot and relaxed. Winter has Christmas. But Fall… well, Fall has something very special. An undeniable impulse for productivity and creativity!! And I’m not the only one who thinks so either. I was chatting with Abbe yesterday and she agreed, something about the cool weather and back-to-school atmosphere makes a person want to get up and do things!

Of course, part of the fun of seasonal changes is playing the part. If you’re going to enjoy the spirit of a season, best do it in your most fitting attire, right?! We haven’t quite arrived to true Autumn weather here in North Texas yet. Temperatures dropped to the mid eighties this past weekend but you’d have thought it was October in New England by the way everyone was talking about! I confess, I couldn’t escape the excitement either. Even though it would be ridiculous to switch out my Summer for Winter clothes, I did pull out a few pieces from my current wardrobe that seemed to fit the Autumn vibe I’ve been longing for.

Plaid, wool-y textures, animal prints, and burnt hues… all in due time, my friends. All in due time.

Outfit details: Shirt – Thrifted (similar here) // Skirt – Thrifted (similar here) // Belt – Thrifted (similar here) // Heels – ShoeMint // Bangle – Antiqued (similar here) // Earrings – Nordstrom Rack (similar here)

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