We can probably all agree that complaining is bad. It brings along with it negativity, discontent, and lots of other yucky stuff I’d rather not get roped into. But, today, I have just one teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy complaint to submit. It’s about an aspect of the industry I work in… interior design. I spend a good portion of my time scouring the web and design district for beautiful and unique products for clients. It’s a treat, really! I have the opportunity to live out so many different styles vicariously through the projects of others. Every once in a while, though, I come across something truly gorgeous that fits my taste perfectly. Wonderful, right? Wrong. (here comes the complaint) I want to buy it all!! As it turns out, the limits of my budget are about the only thing that keep me from doing it, ’cause let me tell you, if I didn’t have that, my self-restraint would be given a healthy run for it’s money.

When introduced a couple weeks ago to the newest fabric collection from Alt for Living, I confess, I had such a discontented moment. I could easily recover every bit of upholstery in my house with these charming fabrics.

The collection came to be when designer and showroom owner Analisse Taft discovered a handful of vintage silk screens in the dusty rafters of a Brooklyn printing factory (they had me smitten there). A reinterpretation of the patterns in sweet colors both bold and muted have become the debut collection of Ms. Taft for her carefully curated New York showroom.

Are you dreaming of the possibilities too?

On a separate note, how about this green “floral” arrangement I put together the other day? Quirky, right? (this is what I do when i can’t buy fancy fabrics)

Some might call it experimental (that would be me), others might see it more as an explosion of over-grown yard plants mixed with an odd selection of green filler from the grocery store flower market (you?). Either way, I like the colors and textures. My enthusiasm for the two live strong!!


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