Guess where I’ll be again this weekend? You got it!! With David’s high school band at tonight’s football game.

This is such a funny thing for me. You see, I was home schooled in high school and my brothers were more into wrestling and show choir than football and band. Sure, I’ve been around David long enough to see my fair share of college bands and games, but high school is a different environment all together. Hormones, drama, squeaky voices, chaperones… the whole thing is a riot! This quintessentially American tradition is about as foreign to me as hearing the class bell ring, which, by the way, I did hear yesterday afternoon while visiting David at work. (funny story… it totally startled me and for a minute i didn’t even know what had happened!) I’m a major fish out of water but loving it all the same.


In other news…

  • Catch me blogging about “Feathering Your First Nest” every Wednesday on the D Home Magazine blog (i’m now a regular guest contributor!!)
  • My About page got a much needed facelift (inspired by Emma and Sarah’s recent updates)
  • I’ve been pinning an absolute storm out of this month’s runway shows! (what’s been your favorite collection so far?)
Oh, and did you see the Dries Van Noten Spring collection?? Gorgeous!!! I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, but slouchy cotton button-up plaids were everywhere! We’re kindred spirits… I just knew it.

That’s it, folks! Hope you have a great weekend too.

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