Color seems a little scarce these days.

Most outdoor greenery in my corner of the world is either shriveled up or lacking in vibrance and, of course, none of the leaves have begun to change colors (thank you, two-season Texas). As a former resident of the Southeastern United States, I’m still sore over the lack of significant Fall leaf coloring here in Texas.

Recently, I haven’t felt much like wearing my Summer wardrobe either. Everything seems too bright or out of season and it doesn’t really make sense to switch out for my Fall/Winter clothes yet. So, I’ve found myself stuck in a limbo of muted neutrals gleaned from my current closet. I’m waiting anxiously until the time is right to make moves towards my Fall clothes.

Last week, though, a promising patch of overgrowth in our backyard gave me hope that Autumn may still be on it’s way! The colors were warm, deep, and decidedly Fall-like and the speckled pattern was interesting too. I cut a few stems and brought them indoors to enjoy even more. I’m feeling slightly more consoled.


What’s the state of your season change right now?

P.S. I woke up this morning to a definite chill in the air. I even had to put on a sweater! Fall may be on it’s way sooner than I thought.
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