I’ve been working on a little side project for the blog that I am now prepared, whether wisely or not, to share with you all. Fear of perfection is the downfall of many a possible success, right? With that in mind, here goes.

This is a short video of the many possible happenings from a day in my life as a freelance interior designer, blogger, and social media consultant.

Now, a disclaimer should be made here… I’m experimenting, learning, and discovering. This inaugural video is by no means an excellent attempt, but regardless of it’s flaws, it was a fantastic learning experience, fun to put together, and I hope you’ll enjoy. As I learn the ropes of iMovie and my trusty camera, the quality of these productions will hopefully only get better. And yes, by “these” I do mean that there will be more!!

I’m thrilled to be adding regular video content to the blog!

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