If I was recently afraid that Fall wouldn’t arrive, my fears have been unquestionably calmed.

This weekend, the air turned suddenly chill and the typically overbearing sun disappeared all together above a thick cloud cover. It’s been more than cool… it’s been¬†cold!!

This vignette from a corner of our living room ¬†felt particularly Fall-ish. Louis Vuitton Fall 2012, anyone?? My version is a wee-bit more country, wouldn’t you say? Winterberry, muddy ivory, cognac, caramel, and espresso brown are just a few colors that will be wonderful to wear and decorate with this season.

Despite the sudden and dramatic shift in temperatures, I’m loving every moment of it. And the gas heat smell that’s circulating through our house makes it feel all the more real. Fall is undoubtedly here!!


* Speaking of beautiful Fall colors, you may have noticed the collection of vibrantly hued spoons on the Style Visa ad in my sidebar. They’re my newest partner for the blog and you should go give them a visit! (formal introduction to come)

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