Stephanie Casey has a smile that would brighten any room but it’s not necessarily because of  her flawless complexion, salsa red lips, or pearly white teeth as you would think. No, it’s deeper than that. Thegenuine joy of spirit that she obviously applies to all areas of her life flows easily from the inside out.

My kind of woman.

We met serendipitously while attending the Texas Style Council blogger conference in Austin this past Spring. My friend Erin and I happened on a short elevator chat and business card swap with Stephanie while on our way out of a party and then that was it.

Well, it didn’t take long to find an excuse to meet again. We grabbed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with a few fellow conference attendees once back in Dallas and, not long after that, shared some wine and cheese at my house in Fort Worth. (there’s a common thread here, isn’t there?) As it turns out, Stephanie has an appreciation for culture, thrifted clothing, meaningful art, and the exciting platform of social media just like me! We connected on topics ranging from the Greek isles to whole foods and house plants. I had this suspicion that her house would be just as cool as she and, boy, is it ever!

Join me on my tour of her Dallas home…

I have to tell you, because it’s an interesting tidbit… this sticky frog resting on Stephanie’s kitchen window sill was actually a prop from the Paul Thomas Anderson movie MAGNOLIA given to her from a friend. Did I mention that Stephanie worked in film production and editing on the sets and studios of Hollywood?? Yeah. Cool.

I think I loved this piece of art in Stephanie’s bedroom the most. It takes a closer look to realize that the subject isn’t drawn but pressed into the paper.

A few more things about Stephanie that you might like to know…

She was born and raised in Dallas.

Studied film in New York and later worked in the industry in Los Angeles.

Moved back to Dallas recently to pursue her own work as a freelance creative media producer.

Is currently collaborating on a project called 5 x 6 Film.

Has two cats named Jack and Petals.

Writes the blog Those Tricks about thrifty style and fashion and another blog, Dallas Frugal Foodie, on affordable healthy eating.


See Stephanie and her home in action through the video below. (so, what do you think of video tours?)


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