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If the saying goes that we all have skeletons in our closet, then mine are the ugliest kind because what’s inside isn’t pretty! Picture this (or, better yet, look at the photo above)… multi-colored plastic hangers, left-over dry-cleaner tags, clunky wooden hangers that take up far too much space, and clothing double hung and packed so tightly you can hardly see it! My trip to Stephanie’s home put my wardrobe situation to shame and motivated me to make some changes (watch the video at the bottom of THIS post to see what I mean).

A few bags of black, slim hangers from the Dollar Tree later and my storage dilemma was significantly improved! To be honest, I knew the change would help but I didn’t expect the hangers to create quite so much more space. I can actually see the clothes I’m hoping to wear now! (and nothing’s double hung!!)

For those interested, these packs of two were sold at $1 each and I invested in 15 sets… enough to get me half-way through my closet.

The next step in my closet revamp was to clear out any unwanted-s. Usually, I would load up a bag for my local thrift store, but this time I decided to try something new with a few of the nicer pieces from my wardrobe. I took a quick moment to set up a Copious account (a platform for reselling and purchasing second-hand clothing, accessories, shoes, and decor), photographed items from my “unwanted” pile, and posted them to my profile.

Now, with the money I receive from my sales, I can invest in other pieces that I love even more… for instance… this over-sized mohair cardigan and these mirrored 1980s clumbaster sunglasses. So cute and ready for Fall.

It’s turned out to be a great system.

To share the love, Copious has offered a $40 gift card to one Hilary Inspired reader. Simply…

A winner will be announced a week from today on Oct. 31st and will receive $40 in Copious credit.

BIG thanks to my fellow Fort Worth fashion blogger Sam of Style of Sam for taking these outfit photographs!! You’ll be seeing more of her fine camera work in style posts to come.


Now, I’ve shown you mine… what does the inside of your closet look like?

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