Native Texans Breck Woolsey and Charles Taylor of Breckinridge Taylor have been hot topics on my radar since I first heard about their work from Leslie Pritchard. (Breck designed Leslie’s Dallas condo which you can see more of in her Style Story HERE.) I knew it would have to be merely a matter of time before I met these guys in person to learn more about their process. In a land of glitz and glam and girl power, Breck and Charles stand out for their uniquely contemporary take on traditional concepts and discerning eye for shape, texture, and fine art.

Besides designing for residential and commercial clients, Breck and Charles also collaborate on a custom line of furniture for Mecox Gardens. I’ll have more on that later, but for now check out their studio meets mini-showroom that they office out of on Bonita Avenue.

Really, how could you not feel cool and creative in this space?!

We sat down for a short discussion about their work and experiences in the interior design industry of Dallas since opening their doors last year. Here are some clips from our conversation.

Fellow fashion blogger and friend Haley also profiled the creative business partners in a recent article on Culture Map Dallas. Read more HERE. With a portfolio that includes Cedar Social and the Pritchard home, it’s not hard to understand the rapid fire success of their work.


Thanks for your time guys!


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