Let me take you back to a moment in my life from this past week.

  • Opportunity knocks
  • I get super excited about a once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • Adrenaline soars
  • I gather my nerves
  • Then find myself energized and utterly inspired
  • Ideas bursting at the seams of my brain
  • Tempted to tweet, post, ‘gram… anything!!
  • Don’t…
  • Instead, the moment is mine.


I’m a blogger and social media early adopter. My generation of communication obsessed classmates jumped from the MySpace bandwagon to the Facebook trend with amazing ease and later adopted their curious cousin, Twitter, for good measure. Then came Google +, Pinterest, and Instagram and, well, here we are now… totally and completely socially “connected”.

I’m not a prude or nay sayer when it comes to social media. For goodness sake, it’s part of my job!! I keep up with dear friends from back home on Facebook and have made new friends in Texas through Twitter and Instagram that I never could have expected going into it.

But this is how I see it… the pros – increased community, the cons – decreased personal experiences. You know, “personal” meaning just for you.

So, the ending to my earlier story…

I walked down the sidewalk after an incredibly motivating and thought-provoking experience. At first, all I could think about was sharing the news and spilling my heart out online. But I resisted my Millenial impulses and put my phone away. It just seemed too good to share and, besides, how would I even begin to sum up something so great in 140 characters or less?! So, I saved the moment for myself and held onto every precious lingering word and thought that I could. As I walked with nothing more than my inner thoughts and a fresh Fall breeze, I felt surprisingly spoiled. No obligation to share, no commentary to follow, no technology to compete with.

It was all for me, just for now and so refreshing.

Some things are meant to be privately savored, I think. What are your thoughts? Are we overexposing our lives?


(Okay, but if you must know… I met Garance Dore!!!! And yes, she was everything I imagined she would be and more. I think we’d be good friends. 😉 )


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