Pumpkin carving is not for the weak of heart. Apparently it takes grit, endurance, and plenty of elbow grease (or whatever that odd saying refers to). So I learned when an attempt was made to carve the prettiest little gourd yesterday in preparation for today’s post. Reader beware… you’ll get you hands dirty with this one! (Has it really been that long since I carved a pumpkin?)

Despite my troubles, this is a project that you should be able to put together in a flash… and just in time for this evening’s costumed guests!


  • Pumpkin or gourd
  • Carving knives (preferably not from your kitchen set. you’ll need something stronger.)
  • Large spoon (for scooping)
  • Wax paper
  • Glass jar or vase
  • Dried flowers (hydrangeas are particularly beautiful once they’ve been dried!)

FIRST… start with a gourd or pumpkin of your choosing. (i especially loved this green nobby one but the waxy pink varieties were my second choice.)


NEXT… carve a hole at the top of the gourd and gut the innards. (this is where you’ll be dirtying those hands.)


THEN… line the interior of the gourd with wax paper and drop your glass container into the center. (this will help prevent mold from growing around the stems of your flowers.) Trim the wax paper around the gourd opening once this is complete.


FINALLY… arrange your dried flowers in the glass vase of the gourd. (i also secured the stems together with a twisty-tie.)


Place and enjoy on a welcoming stoop or cheerful table!!

Your sweat and struggle will be well worth the trouble.


Editor’s note… credit where credit is due, I found this charming how-to from the pages of my new daily read, Editer.com.


And now for the Copious giveaway announcement!! Congratulations Devin… you are the winner of a $40 credit to your Copious account! I’ll be emailing you shortly with details.

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