Over the years, I’ve made my love for silk scarves fairly apparent. (ex. HERE, HERE, and HERE) So, when Sam arrived to our photo shoot meeting place a couple weeks ago, I fell swift and hard for her vibrant silk number draped elegantly across her shoulders. Completely impressed with her styling skills, I asked Sam if she had any tips to share. Here’s what she had to say:


MaiTai’s Picture Book is a fantastic resource for tying 90cm square scarves.  She has very easy to follow videos!  For oblong scarves, I really like that video ’25 ways to wear a scarf’ from Wendy’s Lookbook.


I can attest for the video from Wendy’s Lookbook. If you’ve never seen this video (it circulated the internet with virility not long ago) you’ll be blown away by the options. There’s something for everyone! Now, if only I could remember all those options while staring deep into the depths of my closet each morning.

Wait, an idea… install a flat screen TV on my closet wall for on-the-spot tutorials and DIY’s!! (haha… or not.)


Enjoy your Monday, friends!

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