“Life Balance”… what do you think about this post title?!

Are you peeked with curiosity? Dreading the tiresome topic? Eager to hear my possibly profound insight?

Well, I hate to disappoint but my insight is neither profound nor complicated… just perhaps different from what you might expect. Here’s how I happened upon it…


I’ve started the practice of reserving my morning commute for quiet time, soul-searching, and personal discovering. Yes, during my commute. I’m not prone to road rage, so driving back and forth between Fort Worth and Dallas is something I look forward to because it’s one of the few periods during the day when I can let go of distractions and open my mind to new ideas! Recently, my road trip companion has been someone I feel as though I’ve  come to know very well but, in actuality, have never met. Her name is Danielle LaPorte and she is the author of the brilliant and invigorating book, The Fire Starter Sessions, which I listened to through the audiobook version. For all you dreamers, idealists, movers and shakers, free thinkers, and striving outliers… this one’s for you. (a word of warning: Danielle is not afraid of enthusiasm, dislikes cynicism, believes in the power of positive thinking, and uses wildly varied descriptors like they’re rapidly going out of style!! i like her style.)

There’s far too much good stuff in Danielle’s writings for me to sum up here so I’ll stick to the topic at hand… life balance.

Apparently, there’s no such thing!! We’ve all been pulling our hair and stressing our hearts out over the thing and it doesn’t even exist! Or at least not in the way that we probably imagine it. Ups and downs, ebb and flow, ever-changing priorities… that’s where it’s at, my friends. According to Danielle (and I whole-heartedly agree), the secret lies is harmony and proportion rather than even-scaled balance. Equally dividing our time amidst every element of our lives (work, relationships, inner-life) not only spreads us thin but weakens our potential to give in each of those areas. It’s simple math. We can’t do it all, all the time. As with any successful piece of music, dance, or art, dynamic is essential.


As I listened to these thoughts, I couldn’t help but think back to something similar that Garance mentioned during her discussions at SMU a couple weeks prior.

The question was asked, “How do you keep a healthy lifestyle and balance your work, social media, and personal life?”. Garance’s response (you’re going to love this)… “I don’t have a healthy lifestyle!!”. (her too? what a relief.) Garance continued, “I believe passion is healthy”, meaning that regardless of other lifestyle “imperfections” or imbalances, pursuing your art (the thing you are called to do) enthusiastically and whole-heartedly is healthy in and of itself!

Brilliant. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to cut myself some slack on the dishes and laundry (although i will still try to make my bed), fast-food and lack of exercise because right now I’m focused on making big things happen here on Hilary Inspired!!


A closing thought…

“The antidote to exhaustion isn’t rest, it’s whole-heartedness.” – David White, poet


Thank you, Danielle.

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