Welcome to Part 2 of Joslyn’s lovely Style Story! Not much has changed around here. I’m still struggling with “edit/post it disagreement” (a phrase I just coined this very moment).

Let me explain…

edit/post it disagreement |ˈedit pōst it ˌdisəˈgrēmənt| phrase, the overwhelming and often stress inducing disagreement within self when faced with the task of making tough decisions regarding stellar blog content. ORIGIN my camera: from the bloggers vernacular, edit- (concern for succinctness and restraint) + post it (desire to share all good things). See also “bloggers’ strife”.


None the less, onward and upward we move! I believe I left off with their guest bedroom…

During a portion of one of my afternoons with Joslyn, Audrey, and Millie, the girls settled in for an impromptu art project. If you read Joslyn’s blog Simple Lovely, you know that this is a regular activity around their household. No wonder these girls are sensitive, thoughtful, and curious children. Art making is mind-making and a regular part of their lives!

You can see traces of the girls’ presence throughout the house in places like the refrigerator door, beside a hallway bench and on a dining room easel. There’s no kids room/playroom/tv room… just the family’s space and everyone shares it. I like that concept!

Later the girls took me on a thorough tour of their magical princess chambers and explained the importance of their most precious belongings. It was sweet to hear their sincere enthusiasm and interest in sharing!

If I’m not mistaken, these cheerful yellow frames housing special drawings from both girls and lining the walls of their shared bathroom were from Ikea… inexpensive and easy-to-do decorating at it’s best!! Look closer at the drawings themselves… it looks like we’ve got some very talented abstract artists in the making.

Here is another wonderful idea for decorating! Mix new frames (perhaps from Ikea) and old artwork (found second-hand at places like thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, and antique malls) and collage them together on a child’s bedroom wall. Each piece is unique and has significance and together they create a charming vignette.

At the end of my escape into this beautiful world of laughing girls and beautiful interiors, Joslyn and I sat down to discuss one last topic – her labor of love, D Moms. If you don’t live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, find them online at D Moms Daily. If you do, well then what are you waiting for?! Carry yourself to your local bookstore or grocery and pick-up the premiere issue before they’re all gone!! I don’t have children but bought one anyways. It was gorgeously created front to back and the perfect thing to pass along to a friend with a child.

Listen to our conversation about the D Moms project here:


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Many thanks again, Joslyn!



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