I fell asleep last night to sweet dreams of family, friends, and less than 24 hours in Hot Springs, AK. I believe I was smiling as I drifted off. All I could think about was how wonderful the past week has been!

David and I returned to Fort Worth on Saturday after a heart-warming trip home for the holidays. Time was spent catching up with dear friends, relaxing with family, getting to know new members of the Walker clan (Aaron and James are possibly the cutest twins), indulging in traditional meals and not-so-traditional drinks, taking long walks, viewing gorgeous countryside, and resting a little in between. It was much needed!

But after our time in Tennessee, we hit the long trail home to Texas and stopped off in Hot Springs, AK for less than 24 hours of “alone vacation”. This portion of the trip was just for us. No obligations, loose time frame, little worries… It was utterly and completely relaxing!!! Besides taking a trip up to Lookout Mountain to soak in this gorgeous sunset, just about all we did was lounge around the hotel.

Isn’t it incredible how the simplest things can be the most satisfying?

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by loving family and friends!! Here’s to good food, bountiful blessings, and relaxing vacations (even if they only last 18 hours).

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