They say a group is only as good as their leader. Extend that logic to your home and suddenly you have an entirely new perspective on the influence of your furniture in your life!

Without much fancy analysis, the state of my home office was one thing… pathetic. Piles of paper, notebooks, and unsorted mail conspired against me for months before I finally retreated to the dining table and sofa! It was a sad sight to see, me cowering in the corner while my rude desk clutter glared at me from across the room, but I lived with it. If you want evidence, here it is, in all it’s honest glory… (mind you, this is even the “straightened-up” version)

My desk was totally holding me back!! And so, when faced with the opportunity to make some changes around the house with a stylish accessory from STYLEVISA, my newest blog partner, I jumped at the idea to reorganize my desk. With the help of STYLEVISA’s Ferm Living Letter Trays in blue, I managed to wrangle in my overwhelming piles of stuff.

Now, there’s a place for all things and all things in it’s place.

Once order was restored in the paper kingdom, I did some decorative sprucing by first overhauling my inspiration board with a much larger cork board from The Container Store (side note, my Container Store experience was fabulous and their salespeople were incredibly helpful to me). Then, I added a few brightly colored dried flowers beside my computer. Again, it’s the simple things, isn’t it?

*Psst… cork board tip: I used sewing pins to tack up images and quotes on my board. They are small, inexpensive, and subtle… just what I needed!

Thankfully, the new version of my home office is a much kinder, cleaner, prettier “leader” and, so far, we’ve been working excellently together!


Many thanks to STYLEVISA for the letter trays and for extending their Cyber Monday sale to all Hilary Inspired readers through Dec. 4th! Simply use the code “HILARYINSPIRED” at checkout for 20% off anything online. Take a moment to peruse their website… their tagline “a passport to global culture and design” is spot on and I think you’ll love it. I’m continually using their products for my blog posts on Hello, Splendor and D Home.

Check back tomorrow for a follow-up giveaway!


And, for those interested, here’s a list of all the pieces that went into my office redesign:



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