At this quiet moment on Sunday evening before the hustle of another week begins, I’m thinking back to two weeks ago. David and I were on our Thanksgiving trip home to Tennessee, visiting family and catching up with good friends. We ate delicious food, took it easy, and gave thanks for our blessings. Life was easy.

This week?… phew!!!! Different story all together.

Following a jam packed week of work, David fell sick and was housebound all weekend and I started to feel puny earlier this Sunday morning. We’ve been living with two sinks and a countertop full of dirty dishes, a rowdy puppy, empty fridge, and our travel bags are still not fully unpacked from Tennessee. How’s that for a contrast? (am i making you feel any better about your current situation yet?)

But, filing through my photos from our trip, I can’t help but wander back to a few special moments, most of them surrounded by the context of quaint cafes and hot brewed coffee. I know I’m not the only one with good friends, but sometimes mine feel like the best in the world! We discussed changes in life, dreams for the future, cool local publications, flattering industry honors, disappointments and frustrations, mountain-high challenges, new-found blogs, family updates, and recent projects. It was utterly enriching. Enriching because we know each other through more than familiarity and history but genuine connections of the spirit! Those are the friendships to treasure.

And perhaps the most wonderful thing about it all is that even after two weeks of craziness back in the real world, I’m still able to take myself back to those long-passed conversations and find motivation to move forward in brave and more fulfilling directions.


Thanks Em, Mandi, Zach, Carina, Kim, Julie, Frazier, Ada, Sam, Christina, and Stasia!

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